IPPWORLD hits the scene with an entirely new website designed specifically for international businesses in the hospitality, hotel, travel, lifestyle and retail industries.

When international travel and hospitality facilities reach out to customers around the world, they have to maintain their brand personality consistently in every language.

In today's content marketing initiatives, translation alone isn't enough, so IPPWORLD is stepping up to deliver focused transcreation — essentially, translation infused with creative writing — to deliver that emotional connection with target audiences in their own language.

With more than 20 years of providing multilingual content solutions to international clientele and global creative media agencies, IPPWORLD is well-poised to assist Clients springboard their global branding and content marketing initiatives with tailored transcreated messages in multiple languages — to inspire their target audiences and beckon for a call-to-action.

“IPPWORLD provides online marketers and business development teams with distinct publicity materials across language barriers that carry the same punch as in their original language”, says its business director Joanne Chan. “In a highly competitive international tourism market, transcreation works where translation alone fails.”

Transcreation offers an in-depth, creative spin for branding, marketing and publicity content — whether online or on print. Industry-specialization transcreation experts understand the cultural nuances that fall short in literal translation. They understand the source copywriter's intended purpose and know how best to adapt the message across to their targeted audiences, from jet-setting travellers or the budget-minded, to international shopaholics.

IPPWORLD.com is a well-thought out and user-friendly website that informs about the technicalities in transcreation as well as knowledge-sharing blogs for discerning readers. With a click, call or an email, companies seeking to expand or broaden their reach to global audiences have immediate access to talented native editorial teams offering a wide range of linguistic and cultural specialties.

CAN'T READ, WON'T BUY. “Customers can't buy what you're selling if they can't understand your pitch,” Joanne says. “IPPWORLD helps provide answers that your international consumers want, not like a machine's or an inexperienced translator's distorted commentary that does more harm than good.”

Making that important connection generates more clicks and conversions, leading to higher purchases and revenue. Hotel or resort destinations take great pains to describe the grandeur and finest architecture of facilities, lush beauty, first-class sceneries, etc. in their originally written content. Oftentimes, the same emotional and visual impact in other languages are omitted or simply lost in translation.

To streamline its efforts and processes even further, IPPWORLD now offers focused transcreation exclusively to the travel, tourism, hospitality, hotel, lifestyle and retail industries. Focused-transcreation involves industry specialization that makes the difference between a hit-or-miss approach in delivering a strong, targeted message to the right market and its communities.

Take a tour of the new site at WWW.IPPWORLD.COM, or connect with Joanne on Linkedin for an insider's take on how IPPWORLD has helped its Clients increased their global branding awareness, customer loyalty and that all-important ROI.