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80 seconds.

That’s all it takes.

To understand how transcreation helps brands connect and engage effectively in global markets.


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TRANSCREATION: The Multilingual ‘King’ in Creative Translation for Travel, Lifestyle and Hospitality businesses marketing to global travellers!

Transcreation is content translation with a knowledgeable and creative spin. In simpler terms, it is also known as Creative Translation.

Transcreation is translating your source content with creative editing while maintaining the original intent, tone-of-voice and context.

In other words, it is adapting your brand and marketing messages from one language (the source) into another (the target).

Transcreation ensures that your content is relevant and emotionally engaging in the target language.

To capitalise on attraction marketing in foreign-language speaking countries, transcreation is the most effective tool to enhance the CTA (call-to-action) and boost your ROI (return on investment)

With transcreation, your brand and marketing messages aren’t just translated; they are transformed to hit the right notes in every language.

Transcreation (Creative Translation) is just what you need!




What We Do

Strategise. Optimise. Transcreate. China Marketing Services.

Your global travel, lifestyle or hospitality business needs more than translation services; it needs best-in-class content localisation and transcreation to ensure your messages are inspiring to overseas audiences.

IPPWORLD has in-house linguistic project expertise and prides itself on employing not just translators but bilingual native creative editors – to provide you with top-quality transcreation and content localisation.

Our approach can certainly help you revitalise your existing brand and marketing messages into multiple languages, which are critical for your multilingual audiences.

Whether your business is in offering Travel, Lifestyle or Hospitality services to global customers, your publicity messages need much more than literal or word-for-word translations.

They need creative translation – to connect you to your target audiences around the world.

We Strategise

By understanding your preferred brand message, marketing tone of voice and target audience, we help you create equivalent and consistent messages for your overseas markets, in their preferred languages.

We Optimise

By considering and selecting the most favourable key-words and key-phrases with high search result probabilities. We help you maximise your SEO objectives in your specific markets.

We Transcreate

By creating dedicated creative translation, copyediting, and cultural localisation for your brand message and marketing content – to resonate and inspire all your target readers, in every language.

Marketing To China

Build brand awareness in the world’s largest single source market for global tourism. Be visible to Chinese travellers – anytime they use their smartphones!

Like to know more? Please call us today on +65 6333 9091 for a chat or email us at info.singapore@ippworld.com.


72% of the world’s online consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own native language, and only purchase from websites that are available in their native language.


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