Since the company’s inception in 1994, its core services have remained in multiple language publishing and end-to-end project management. In 2008, IPPWORLD consolidated its expertise to focus on providing dedicated services for the travel, hospitality and lifestyle sectors across the world.

Given the firm’s recent induction into Lux Life’s Hospitality Awards 2019, we take a closer look at their exceptional services and to discover more about their work and successes.

IPPWORLD’s services reach as far as their clients’ globalisation strategy. Such as, research into the everyday vernacular and the local terminology favoured by leading travel and hospitality brands in that market.

Transcreation, or creative translation, is a vital service for creating localised publicity content that is believable and not formu­laic. The end-goal is to be engaging, both colloquially and naturally, with target readers across various media platforms.

As a commitment to ensuring each client receives a personalised tailored service, the company maintains dedicated glossaries of preferred corporate and product terminologies.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company builds an understanding of the client’s brand position and identity, such as tone of voice, marketing-speak, branding direction, target market segment, as well as audience profile.

Once projects are completed, work doesn’t stop there. IPPWORLD’s teams are also updated with post-project reviews which are conducted together with the client.

“Helping Hospitality, Travel and Lifestyle brands speak the languages of their global consumers.”

Technical competency has advanced massively in the twenty-five years since IPPWORLD’s inception. Their procedures capitalise on a Translation Management System which operates a cloud-based interface to facilitate 24/7 transactions, houses a built-in client portal and plugins compatible with most CMSs.

IPPWORLD views the travel and hospitality sector as the most diverse and widely transacted service amongst multicultural markets around the world. It is a sector that has also become more competitive due to the needs of a much broader customer base – from business travellers, families, millennials as well as the older generation.

It is imperative for businesses that target global markets to also generate marketing campaigns in foreign languages. This is to attract and engage major source travellers’ markets such as China, Southeast and Eastern Asia countries, and the Middle East, where local communities hardly communicate in English.

With almost every traveller reviewing destinations and making bookings online, it’s prudent that global hotel and tourism service marketers provide content not only in their domestic language, but also in global languages too.

The future of online customer interaction for the travel industry lies in Chatbots. The implementation of multilingual chatbots has also been on the rise.

However, to build and breed a multilingual Chatbot, it would require a host of unique expertise such as, backend CMS admin, research on everyday lingo, content localisa­tion, etc. IPPWORLD is aware of this trend and is ready to meet its continued demands.

Perhaps the reasons behind IPPWORLD’s success are; its focus on trends in the travel and hospitality sector, staying abreast with technology advancements and in serving not just clients, but also benefiting travellers across the globe too.

Indeed, creating content that speaks to people in their preferred languages is challenging as well as exciting – a goal that inspires IPPWORLD to be at the forefront of ensuring that clients are receiving that all important quality linguistic experience.

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