Chinese tourists spent 12% more travelling abroad in 2016 than in 2015, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It was also reported that China continues to lead in international outbound tourism, followed by the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and France as the top five spenders.

The double-digit growth follows a trend in Chinese tourism expenditures that has increased every year since 2004.

Number One Spot Solidified

While the money continues to flow to popular global destinations, the Chinese people maintain a hold on the number one spot in terms of trips taken by citizens of any country in the world. The number of outbound Chinese trips in 2016 rose 6% to 135 million, consolidating China's position as the number one source market since 2012.

Such growth in outbound travels benefits a myriad of tourist and hospitality establishments in destinations of the Asia-Pacific, most notably Japan, the Republic of Korea and Thailand. Their favorite long-haul destinations are in the United States and Europe. Aside from China, other Asian-based outbound travel markets among the top 10 with positive growth according to the 2016 UNWTO report, were the Republic of Korea (US$27 billion) and Hong Kong (US$24 billion), respectively spending an increased of 8% and 5%.

Enticing and Engaging Savvy Visitors With Transcreation

Marketing leaders in the hotel and hospitality sectors report that Chinese travellers are extraordinarily savvy with their holiday getaway plans. Many even opt for the do-it-yourself travel experience. It's imperative then that promotional information provided on websites, social media platforms and other marketing avenues is well written in the Chinese language, taking into account all the various nuances of the vernacular of that language.

Only targeted, clear messages reap the benefits while engaging well-informed Chinese target audiences. If they can't read it, they won't buy it. So, instead of taking chances with your valuable marketing resources and hoping that your message reaches the right eyes, relying on end-to-end content transcreation is a prudent bet. The specialized translation, infused with creative editing, fills your booking engine content with multiple languages in the right way, with the right tone and the right message. In other words, transcreation converts clicks into bookings and readers into customers.