Choosing the right localization strategies to kick start your Global Brand and Content Marketing.

Transcreation Strategies for Your Global Brand and Content Marketing

IPPWORLD identifies your target communities and learns the appropriate tone-of-voice to create best-in-class transcreation and content localization that inspire international clientele.

To do this, IPPWORLD’s transcreation teams review the source content to understand your service and/or product’s preferred branding and marketing tone of voice — in other words, the style and personality of your branding message.


Identifies the local target communities for the marketing efforts

Researches the preferred industry-specific terminology and jargon

Transcreates the branding messages by reproducing the source writers’ intended purpose in the local language of their respective target readers

The Transcreation Process

As a process, transcreation — translation infused with creative writing — differs from straightforward translation. It takes close cooperation between linguistic, editorial and marketing professionals.

The steps include:


At the start, a bilingual editor in the target language reviews the source content and compares it to the content of related leading brands to identify common industry-specific jargon and terminology.


Along with our client’s input — on target audience and market segment — the editorial team examines the demographics of local communities likely to be interested in the brand’s products or services.


Once the team understands the branding objectives, the potential target market segments and the vernacular of the audience, the translation team implements an appropriate localization strategy.

Marketing Content Language Issues

Marketing content often uses satire, humor or metaphor to engage its audience. This content often is very subtle or difficult to translate due to linguistic or cultural differences. Translators who aren’t native to the source language find it highly challenging and too often get it wrong.

To avoid the potential misunderstanding that could lead to incorrect or improper translations, a reviewer with strong knowledge of the source language may simplify and explain the meaning of the intended message. The transcreated phrase must have the same emotional punch and visceral clarity of the original to maintain its effectiveness.

Your branding message is too important to get wrong.

Transcreating Corporate Branding

Your service or product will likely have its own brand strategy and preferred corporate tone-of-voice. Specific marketing materials, regardless of the language, needs to respect that. So, identifying and observing these guidelines is another critical step in the localization process.

To ensure that respective language localization teams adhere to the preferred terminology, IPPWORLD develops brand guidelines as part of the project briefs. Known terminologies are pre-translated, verified and incorporated into a working glossary.

Without providing working glossaries to native language translators, the end result may turn out to be too literally or ambiguously translated. That’s when epic fails happen.

Translators need branding objectives, references for terminology consistency, an explanation for unique expressions in the source content and glossaries of previous translations in respective language pairs.

This way, you engage the international marketplace with confidence, with messages that entice and inspire … in every language!


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