Incorporating local language keywords for best online search results.

SEO in Local Languages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for localized content is a critical pre-translation process. IPPWORLD analyzes local language keywords with a high probability among target customers searching for related products or services. This process can’t be skipped because:

Keywords are search phrases that help lead visitors to your website.

Each target audience uses keywords or phrases in their local language.

Incorporating keywords into glossaries is imperative to the translation workflow.

Identifying and Verifying Local Keywords

Well before translation begins, IPPWORLD conducts analytics on the best keywords and phrases for your products or services. This is an area where industry specialization — for hospitality, travel and lifestyle — makes a world of difference to your brand message.

IPPWORLD bilingual editorial teams will test all translated keywords for their popularity ranking with search engines. The tests reveal the keywords’ frequency-of-use online, which determines the most widely used keywords in the target market for each particular language. The bilingual editorial teams will also identify other favorable keywords which will then be added to the list.

Since IPPWORLD works as your partner in this process, you get to verify the final list of favorable keywords in both the source and target languages, with questions such as:


Do these words/phrases connect with your brand’s product or service offerings?


Are they still relevant to your branding philosophy?


Are the target language versions written with commonly understood words/phrases?

This is a tedious but necessary process. The selected local language keywords will be included in a comprehensive bilingual glossary to kick-start the localization process.

Keywords and Phrases Aid Transcreation Teams

With localized, verified prominent keywords and phrases as part of the bilingual glossary for the project, the transcreation team can shape your brand message for specific language markets. Adding keywords makes specific messages more relevant and more searchable by that targeted local audience.

Once the keyword analysis is complete, IPPWORLD distributes the keyword-enhanced Translation Memory Libraries as Translation Management Tools to its respective bilingual teams.

Keywords provide enhanced online visibility and help increase the influence on interactions with and between target language readers.

Without properly verified keywords and phrases, your brand’s message may miss its mark.


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Countries like China don’t use these search engines like Google, or Bing. They have their own local search engines catered to the needs of the internet users there, in Chinese.

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