Thoughtful selection of the right key-words and key-phrases for better prominence in online search results in the target language.

SEO in Local Languages

Consideration on algorithms that generate search results by Search Engines popularly used in specific countries, is a critical pre-translation process. IPPWORLD analyses and suggests local language key-words and key-phrases with high probability that your target audiences use, whenever they are searching for related products or services.

This is an important process, because:

In every country, audiences are searching for information by using the most popular and reliable Internet Search platforms available. To perform a search, they will type the most commonly used key-words or key-phrases in their local language.

It is very important to have translated key-words and key-phrases that correspond with the pre-set algorithms of popular Search Engines in target countries. These will enable a higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page) listing as displayed by the Search Engine’s platform.

The higher the display prominence of your website metadata, the higher are your chances to be discovered by users. This will help prompt them to visit your website for more details.

Incorporating key-words and key-phrases into working glossaries is paramount to initiating a well-structured content localisation workflows.

Here’s How IPPWORLD Prepares for SEO-friendly Content Localisation

Well before the translation workflow begins, IPPWORLD conducts analytics on the most prominent key-words and key-phrases that relate to your products or services. This is an area where industry specialisation — for Travel, Hospitality, Retail and Lifestyle —makes an enormous difference to your branding messages.

IPPWORLD’s bilingual editors will test all translated keywords for their ranking in popularity by using search engine diagnostic tools. These tests help reveal their frequency of usage online and determine the most widely-used key-words and key-phrases for the particular language of your target market. The project teams will also identify other favourable keywords, which will then be added to the suggested list.

Since IPPWORLD works as your partner for these processes, you get to verify the final list of favourable keywords in both the source and target languages. Your key concerns should include the following:


Do these predefined words/phrases connect with my brand’s product or service?


Are the suggested key words/phrases relevant to my corporate brand philosophy and guidelines?


Will my target language versions be written with commonly understood words/phrases?

These are tedious but necessary processes. The selected local language key-words and key-phrases are then included into a comprehensive Master Bilingual Glossary, to kick-start the localisation processes.

Key-Words and Key-Phrases Aiding Transcreation Teams

With the verified prominence for the selected key-words and key-phrases, the transcreation team will be better guided at shaping up your brand’s messages for specific target language markets. The incorporation and the appropriate use of key-words and key-phrases in your target content will help provide for specific messages to be more relevant and more searchable by your local target audiences.

Once the analysis of the recommended key-words and key-phrases has been completed, IPPWORLD distributes the ‘Keyword-enhanced Translation Memory’ Library as Translation Management Tools to the appointed linguistic project teams.

Undoubtedly, having the right words and phrases identified as keywords relating to your products or service will enhance greater online visibility and help increase the influence for interactions with, as well as between target language readers.

Without proper verification of key-words and key-phrases, your branding messages won’t be appropriately and consistently localised – missing their mark will likely be an unfortunate outcome.

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Countries like China don’t use these search engines like Google, or Bing. They have their own local search engines catered to the needs of the internet users there, in Chinese.

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