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Lost In Translation

Translation fails can be downright hilarious, but they sure aren't funny or amusing to a business whose brand has been tarnished. What causes translations to go awry? How can global marketers avoid being lost-in-translation?

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Language is ALIVE!

Like varieties of living species - gift of gab - the intellectual space - LANGUAGE is a constantly growing entity. Use it or lose it. Using it wrongly has consequences and many were caught flat-footed.

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Tapping Chinese International Tourists Market

They keep coming – spending at every corner of the world – 150 million travelling abroad each year! And they keep getting savvier and well-informed too. What's the secret to reaping a slice of this gigantic pie?

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Content Marketing Hype — Or Is It?

Marketing & PR gurus swear by the ‘content king'. But on a global scale, will their kingly words be like swearing into the wilderness if customers do not understand or were not able to interact with the good stuffs said? Can we address this misnomer?

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Understanding Content Localisation (Part 1)

Supposing you are nominated to project manage on the inclusion of translated information for your company's website. Translations are to be provided as an option for viewers and to sync-in with the existing web content and architecture. Sounds like a tall order?

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Understanding Content Localisation (Part 2)

A sequel to Part 1 of the same tittle. Where certain processes considered norms to copywriters or creative designers hinder content localisation workflows. Or the over-expectation on hired linguists to also be knowledgeable on software technology, that's sure to backfire.

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