Combining your online brand and marketing strategies with professional transcreation expertise.

Need to Expand Your Brand’s Reach Globally?

Curating your online brand and marketing campaigns for global audiences calls for unique expertise in bridging communication obstacles. You have to fit with the mind-set and unique social norms of your respective multicultural target readers.

Whether your business is in Travel, Hospitality, Retail or Lifestyle, your online brand and marketing messages must immediately appeal and resonate with your global readers in their preferred language. This is the only way to bring about a call-to-action or prompt for enquiries, and to lead to a better ROI (return on investment).

This is where IPPWORLD can help.

Content Localisation Expertise for Websites and Booking Transaction Platforms

IPPWORLD has been supporting clients that are using various online Content Management Systems (CMSs), as well as online Booking or Transactional Engines. While content transcreation processes aren’t automated, its project management workflows are. Respective project teams will work with TMS (Translation Management System) equipped with Connectors or API (application programming interface) tools that are compatible with the client’s CMS.

The experience and expertise we provide include most Open Source applications, as well as others such as, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Sitecore, WordPress, etc. IPPWORLD’s localisation project teams have extensive first-hand knowledge and expertise for various online marketing objectives such as, Social Media Blogs and Newsfeeds, eDMs, Microsites, PPC Banners, Programmatic Push-ads, etc.

Ensuring a well balance look-and-feel of your website content is important to enhance the visual representation of your brand identity and values to your target audiences. You can confidently depend on IPPWORLD to format your corporate images, animated and non-animated graphics, and for ensuring consistency in the use of special or corporate fonts, line-arts, colour settings, etc.

IPPWORLD offers unparalleled knowledge and experience in the creation, modification or manipulation of digital imagery and artworks, which have been organically acquired and mastered over two decades.

You can rest assured on the integrity of your content and the refined appeal for each and every page display elements. IPPWORLD delivers crisp and powerful online media assets to wow your target audiences.

Dedicated Transcreation & Technical Teams

When you appoint IPPWORLD for your online brand and marketing projects, you are assured of the best-in-class professionals in this field. Because we strongly believe that any misrepresentation or mismanagement of your localised language projects is not an option.

As an outsourced multilingual content provider that perfectly complements your global marketing initiatives, IPPWORLD offers a truly one-stop shop for:

  • Research on technical and colloquial product terminology, as well as on terms typically used by your competitors
  • Proven methodology in multilingual editing, copywriting, online vetting and reviewing, to assure you with the highest integrity and appropriateness for your translated content
  • Direct integration of target language text to your Content Management and Booking Engine System platforms for maximum efficiency
  • Helping you create and maintain key-words, key-phrases and commonly used industry-specific terminology, as well as using your preferred corporate terms and tone-of-voice
  • Working with Translation Memory tools to generate reusable pre-translated segments, and to manage on consistencies and project turnaround efficiency
  • Maintaining archives of project files stored in a Tier 4 Data Centre with 24/7 security standards

Our project teams are adept in linguistics, digital graphics and web technology. Our end-to-end support includes professional resources to perform in-country online marketing and advertising activities.

Our teams work independently together to assist you with a combination of transcreation, multilingual content localisation, as well as in-country precision ad-marketing activities – providing a truly one-stop support for a wide range of B2C as well as Online to Offline marketing initiatives.

As part of its editorial localisation workflows, IPPWORLD conducts research on technical jargons and local language terminology commonly used in the target country. We help create meaningful and impactful content for your respective localised language versions.

With first-hand familiarity in consumer marketing and industry-specialisation knowledge, we are always ready to assist. We keep abreast with the latest trends in IoTs and social media marketing norms – all these to assure you with hassle-free, highly engaging transcreated content, including online publicity and marketing services.

With IPPWORLD’s multilingual and multicultural expertise, your branding messages aren’t just translated; they are effectively transformed to hit the right notes – and in every languages.

We Strategise

By understanding your preferred brand message, marketing tone of voice and target audience, we help you create equivalent and consistent messages for your overseas markets, in their preferred languages.

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We Optimise

By considering and selecting the most favourable key-words and key-phrases with high search result probabilities. We help you maximise your SEO objectives in your specific markets.

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Marketing To China

Helping clients build brand awareness in the world’s largest single source market for global tourism. Be visible to Chinese travellers – anytime and every time they are using their smartphone apps!

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Over 95% of online consumers in China has expressed to have higher comfort level with websites in their own language, ie Simplified Chinese.


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