Combining your brand and marketing strategies with our transcreation expertise.

Going beyond local markets

When your brand and business are ready to grow beyond its borders, it needs total support for its marketing campaign. To plunge into sophisticated hospitality, travel or lifestyle marketing, your brand message must immediately appeal and resonate with your target readers, no matter what the language.

And this is where IPPWORLD comes in.

Dedicated Transcreation Teams

When you hire IPPWORLD for your website or media localization assignment, you get best-in-class transcreation and content localization that inspire international clientele. To complement the professional linguistic and multilingual project resources, IPPWORLD offers an in-house one-stop shop for:

  • Multilingual content editing
  • Integration of multilingual text with online or offline source applications
  • Complete management of glossaries and translation memory (TM)
  • Archival of project data, graphics and media assets

You get project teams knowledgeable in marketing, linguistics and technical complexities. They work together to deliver a broad range of translation, transcreation, multilingual copywriting and content localization solutions. IPPWORLD’s services include local research into technical jargon and terminology that leading brands in a specific industry use, to enhance the translation strategy.

Because of their familiarity with the hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries, these bilingual language teams prove that industry-specialization makes the difference in the final results.

With IPPWORLD’s transcreation expertise, your brand message isn’t just translated; it’s transformed to hit the right notes in every language.

Website Localization Expertise

IPPWORLD provides support for a variety of content management systems (CMS). While the content transcreation process isn’t automated, its workflows are. Diverse project teams use translation connectors or application programming interfaces (APIs). The IPPWORLD localization project teams have extensive knowledge and experience working on a range of CMS and booking engine systems such as:

Since web graphics are part of any website localization project and are equally important for reaching the target market, IPPWORLD takes care of every aspects while working on your localized website — from checking the final file size and embedded fonts, to ensuring clarity and compatibility. By assuring the integrity of the content, IPPWORLD delivers perfect and powerful online media assets, localized for your target markets.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Expertise

Regardless of the software application used to create the original artwork of your brochures or catalogues for printing purpose, IPPWORLD specializes in turnkey rendering of DTP incorporated with multiple language text. Since the company’s formation in 1994, it has organically developed in-depth knowledge of multilingual DTP, imagery and printing operations. That experience translates into capabilities to handle traditional documentation in multiple formats as well as rich media authoring applications.

Throughout the lifecycle of the project, IPPWORLD’s teams resolve all potential issues with multi-script fonts before they reach the target audience. Because of the teams’ attention to detail, they solve mismatches on the orientation of the format and fix content display errors due to software conflicts or cross-platform issues.

The teams possess in-depth multilingual DTP expertise from years of experience. DTP knowledge includes setting crop marks, registration marks, bleed settings, paper sizes, color calibration, image quality and outlining texts.

Whatever the need - whatever the final output format - IPPWORLD delivers it.

Complete Delivery Management

For large or ongoing translation projects, IPPWORLD can adapt their workflow to suit your needs. As a result of these collaborative efforts, IPPWORLD can offer uniquely scalable solutions that can be deployed on short notice, and are highly economical and reliable.

Whether you’re pushing your message through social media, email, website, print, radio or broadcast television, IPPWORLD provides its unique expertise and experience to help you internationalize your marketing-speak in the right tone of voice and message clarity, which is more than what translation alone can say.

IPPWORLD is a one-stop provider for creative translation, copywriting and localization services — and it’s all part of transcreation.


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As many as 90% of internet users and consumers in the European Union stated that they prefer to browse and purchase from websites that are available in their native language.


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