Combining your product marketing strategies with multilingual transcreation expertise.

Print Content That Communicates in Global Languages

Being linguistically visible to your overseas customers also includes having localised printed versions of brochures, newsletters and press releases in major languages. For hoteliers and hospitality resorts, this applies to providing information for various guest amenities, such as in-room service directories, safety instructions, food service menus, use of entertainment facilities, etc.

Because only a professional team with combined expertise in transcreation (creative translations infused with copywriting), graphics reproduction and desktop publishing, can genuinely help you create professionally formatted publications and printed materials in multiple languages.

This is where IPPWORLD excels with its fulltime publishing project teams working under one roof – to minimise misunderstanding and to provide you with maximum efficiency.

Whether your business involves Travel, Hospitality, Retail or Lifestyle, rest assured IPPWORLD has all the trappings ready. We offer total experiences and expertise to completely localise your existing publications into equally appealing derivative language versions.

The bottom-line is to ensure that your printed documents and materials are equally engaging and resonating with your respective target audiences.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Expertise

We offer in-depth experiences – from page layout production, manipulation of digital imagery and pre-press graphics, to print management and document logistics. Since 1994, IPPWORLD has organically developed its wide knowledge and workflows with various publishing and graphic applications.

Our expertise includes; integrating multilingual text in editable or vectorised format with your source application files; preparing and finalising high-resolution artworks (ready-for-printing); as well as localising interactive or rich media assets.

Regardless of the file format, IPPWORLD has the right skills and all the hands-on experiences to independently perform any of your print publication’s localisation needs. We provide direct integration and formatting of target language text till respective artwork deliverables are ready for printing, or for other post-production activities.

Throughout each publication’s localisation project, IPPWORLD independently resolves potential software conflicts, such as incompatibility with foreign language font scripts, formatting for unique right-to-left text flow (such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), or re-calibrating and standardising the document’s look-and-feel in all of your various derivative language versions.

With innate attention to details, IPPWORLD restores mismatches on format orientation or content display entropy due to inherent software issues, cross-application or cross-platform conflicts.

We prides ourselves of native language-speaking teams that possess many years of experience and skills in resolving desktop publishing anomalies, such as fixing erroneous printer’s crop marks, registration marks, bleed settings, improper settings on paper size, colour calibration, or rendering for best image quality or vectorised (outlining) text.

Whatever the need - whatever the final output format - IPPWORLD delivers.

Complete End-to-end Delivery Management

For large or ongoing content translation and publication localisation projects, IPPWORLD adapts its methodologies to suit your preferred internal workflows. With such customised collaborative support, IPPWORLD offers uniquely scalable solutions that are reliable, economical, and can be deployed at short notice.

Whether you’re distributing localised messages on print, through video or newsfeed for social media marketing, broadcasting over eDMs or television, etc., IPPWORLD ensures content consistency is applied throughout the various language versions or unique media platforms that you are adopting.

We are adept at internationalising your marketing-speak with the right tone of voice and message clarity. Undoubtedly, the scope of work and combinative support in IT, multilingual text, and graphics reproduction, are much more than what translation alone could say.

IPPWORLD is your one-stop provider for creative translation, copyediting and publishing localisation services — and it’s all part of our transcreation expertise.

We Strategise

By understanding your preferred brand message, marketing tone of voice and target audience, we help you create equivalent and consistent messages for your overseas markets, in their preferred languages.

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We Optimise

By considering and selecting the most favourable key-words and key-phrases with high search result probabilities. We help you maximise your SEO objectives in your specific markets.

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Marketing To China

Helping clients build brand awareness in the world’s largest single source market for global tourism. Be visible to Chinese travellers – anytime and every time they are using their smartphone apps!

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As many as 90% of internet users and consumers in the European Union stated that they prefer to browse and purchase from websites that are available in their native language.


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