Choosing the right multilingual approach to kick-start your Global Brand and Content Marketing initiatives.

Transcreation Strategies for Your Global Brand and Marketing Campaigns

IPPWORLD identifies your target community’s sentiments to help you plan for the most appropriate tone-of-voice. We assist you in creating top-notch localised marketing content. Content that attracts and converts international consumers to customers.

To fulfil this, our bilingual native editors review your source content to better understand your brand, your products and services.


Identifies the target communities interested in your products or services.

Collects industry-specific terms commonly used in your target markets.

Transcreates content and brand messages by maintaining your original intent and context in the language commonly understood by your target readers.

The Transcreation Process

Includes an end-to-end workflow that differs from straightforward ‘word-for-word’ or dictionary translation. Transcreation relies on the close collaboration between linguistic, editorial and marketing professionals.

Our processes include:


A bilingual editor native in the target language carries out a pre-localisation review of your source content – to identify relevant technical and non-technical jargons that are mostly used in your target market.


Along with your references on branding objectives and inputs on the target market segment, the editorial team examines the demographics of local communities more likely to be interested in your brand’s products or services.


By clearly understanding your source content, your branding objectives, and the characteristics of your target audiences, the transcreation team implements an appropriate content transcreation strategy.

Unique Language Features of Marketing Content

Marketing content often uses satire, humour and metaphoric expressions to entice and engage with target audiences. Such content can be subtle or too complex for a word-for-word translation, due to linguistic or cultural differences.

Translators who are not native in the target language or do not have an innate flair in linguistics, will find it highly challenging. Too often, this is the primary cause for getting it wrong or being ‘lost-in-translation’. Unfortunately, in this ever-increasingly competitive information era that we live in, erroneous translations miss its objective and will create unhappy business owners.

To avoid potential misunderstandings that could result in incorrect use of colloquial terms or improper translations, you need a marketing person who’s familiar with your industry. They will review creatively written source content, simplify or explain its respective intended meanings. The final target language content must carry the same creative message and visceral impact as that of the original language version.

Your branding messages are TOO important to get them wrong.

Transcreation for Corporate Branding Objectives

Your products or services have their own brand strategy and preferred corporate tone-of-voice. In this instance, publicity or promotional content, regardless of the language, must respect and comply accordingly. Compliance in observing and implementing these important guidelines are a critical step in the content localisation processes.

To ensure respective language project teams adhere to your branding strategy and preferred terminology, IPPWORLD develops brand guidelines and dedicated glossaries as part of its Project Brief. Newly identified terms are pre-translated and to be verified by your language reviewers. These are then incorporated with your existing terminologies to form the localisation project’s working bilingual glossaries.

Without providing verified and approved glossaries to the language project teams, the end result may turn out to be incorrect or inconsistently translated content. Resulting in embarrassment and loss of opportunity.

To effectively localise ongoing corporate content objectives, linguistic project teams must have; references to maintain terminology consistency; explanation on unique expressive terms; and approved glossaries from previous translations in respective language pairs (if available).

This way, you get to engage the international marketplace with confidence and messages that entice and inspire … in every language!

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