Marketing to China’s Outbound Travel Market

Proven results on brand and marketing campaigns targeting Chinese travellers.

Chinese Transcreation + Online Advertising & In-Country Marketing Expertise = Sustainable Brand Awareness

For Travel, Hospitality, Retail or Lifestyle businesses intending to unleash their efforts to market in China, there has never been a better time than now.

Be the first to reach out and connect with millions of Chinese outbound travellers who are interested in visiting your destination for business or leisure.

It’s your best bet with IPPWORLD’s in-depth local knowledge of China, Chinese language transcreation experience and performance driven ‘Push and Pull’ advertising and marketing strategy.

With over two-decades of expertise as a specialist in transcreation (creative translations infused with a marketing spin), our unique ground knowledge and experiences in China can be attested by in-house content teams managed by our regional office in Shanghai.

We know what inspires your Chinese travellers. Best of all, we know how to reach out to the millions and to engage them effectively.

There is no other better way to reach out to the hearts and minds of Chinese travellers than by being linguistically visible.

The higher your discoverability and exposure, the higher your chances to improve on your occupancy and RevPAR, or to increase footfall to your retail facilities... and so much more.

IPPWORLD can help with awareness marketing in China by increasing your brand exposure across all commonly used Chinese mobile apps and websites, elevating your brand’s engagement with the Chinese tourists.

All these leading to better ROIs.

Trying to connect with millions of Chinese outbound travellers?

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Heard of Attraction Marketing on Chinese Social Media Platform?

Grow your brand awareness with effective engagement with the Chinese outbound travellers – over their favourite social media platforms.

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Knowledgeable Engagement Drives Online Traffic and Conversion Rates

Effective engagements with the Chinese market come from better understanding of your target audience perspectives.

  1. China is a Mobile-First nation. Last year, the Chinese spent a combined 225 billion hours on their smartphones apps. This is 4.5 times more than India, the next largest market clocking in a distant 50 billion hours.
  2. The Great Firewall blockade of China. Commonly used foreign mobile apps are not accessible in China – they are blocked. Foreign mobile apps such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and so many others are blocked. Any investment spent on running campaigns on these blocked apps would be futile and will not generate engagement or growth.
  3. Uniquely China-only Internet platforms and online apps. In place of these blocked apps are 4 million Chinese-based apps. Over 200 apps are used by the Chinese on a daily basis for everything. They are dependent on web-based communication tools and social media channels that are completely different from the rest of the world.
  4. Cost-effective and result-driven deployment of online advertising mechanicals. The quickest approach is to deploy your online advertising and marketing campaigns ubiquitously across all China-based mobile apps and websites – display ads, social ads, video ads, native ads, etc.

The Chinese plan their holiday getaways using their smartphones - to browse travel destinations for interesting places to visit, local hotel’s websites, cuisine and typical eateries, the weather, etc.

The only way is to provide highly-engaging Chinese language content deployed in programmatic banner ads, video ads or newsfeeds; to be ‘seen’ across thousands of mobile apps and websites in China.

With our familiarity in the local Chinese culture, Chinese language and technical know-how, we can help you build and grow your brand in the world’s largest outbound travellers market.

Through IPPWORLD, your brand will have higher mileage in engaging with would-be Chinese travellers by being seen across thousands of China-based mobile apps and websites.

Effectively Engaging Your Brand With Chinese FITs.

Be Linguistically Visible, To Be More Discoverable

To drive Chinese online visitors’ traffic to your website, you must first have reader-friendly Chinese content to encourage greater interest and engagement.

You need good transcreated Chinese content that confidently speaks your brand identity and values.

  • Content that creates an emotional connection with your target readers.
  • Content that leads to that all-important CTA (Call-To-Action).

Utilization of machine or software translations for your brand and marketing messages should be completely avoided. Because artificial translation systems are not built to understand emotional expressions, or to analyse if sentences are humorous or serious.

It would be too embarrassing and detrimental to your brand if your translated Chinese content were awkwardly written, or worse still, nonsensical to your target audiences.

After all, if your Chinese customers do not understand what you’re selling or promoting, they are not going to buy. Remember the age-old consumer adage: “can’t read, won’t buy”.

Engage your Chinese travellers with content that connects and resonates.

Deploy ‘Push and Pull’ Mobile Advertising And Marketing Strategy

Targeted marketing initiatives can be best launched; ‘Before Their Travels’, ‘During Their Travels’ and ‘After Their Travels’.

The objective is to deploy enticing and engaging Chinese language versions of your banner ads, newsfeeds or videos through a Programmatic Push & Pull Mobile Ad Marketing Strategy.


to expose your Chinese language mobile ads, brand banners, newsfeeds or video ads to appear across Chinese-based mobile apps and websites.


to drive online traffic to your website, increase visitor numbers and readership interests on your product and services. Start engaging and converting visitors to customers.


to generate offline traffic to directly view your properties, facilities, restaurants, retail shops, as well as suggested places of attraction and interesting venues at your destination.

Let your brand be part of the travel journey of your targeted Chinese tourists – from the moment they are planning their holiday getaways, considering shops to visit or places to dine at.

Start connecting your brand to the millions of Chinese, today!

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We Transcreate

By creating dedicated creative translation, copyediting, and cultural localisation for your brand message and marketing content – to resonate and inspire all your target readers, in every language.

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The average smartphone user in China has over 100 apps installed on their mobile device. They are also spending significantly more of their time on these apps than users in any other countries.


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