Media Application Expertise

IPPWORLD is specialized in turnkey rendering of various software applications with contents in multiple languages. We offer in-depth knowledge on publishing and printing operations that have been organically developed since the company's formation in 1994. Today, our capabilities cover conventional documentation, online publishing as well as rich media authoring tools.

Our knowledge and experience encompass working with a combination of Publishing software, Content Management Systems and audio video post-production applications, including supervision of voice over or printing of multi-formatted publications.

Extensive Total Support

Our project teams assisted by native speaking editors can be quickly mobilized to manage or perform a host of content integration activities involving website scripting, prepress typesetting or skillful manipulation of static, interactive or audio-video assets with texts in almost any languages.

Throughout the lifecycle of each translation project, IPPWORLD teams are well-knowledge in resolving potential issues on multi-script fonts as well as integrity in content layouts, including pre-addressing and solving mismatch on format orientation or entropy in content display due to software conflicts or cross-platform issues.

Delivering Printable

IPPWORLD teams possess in-depth artwork expertise, such as: setting crop marks, registration marks, bleed settings, paper sizes, color calibration, image quality, outlining texts, etc.

Delivering Web Graphics

IPPWORLD checks for final file size, embedded fonts, clarity, compatibility, etc to ensure on the integrity and completeness of the target assets.