IPPWORLD was incorporated in Singapore in 1994 as 'Interlanguage Publishing & Printing Worldwide'. Its primary aim was to assist local and foreign businesses develop translated information as though they have been originally written by native editors in the target language country. The company pioneered a new model in multilingual publishing by incorporating both artwork and printing as part of its core expertise. In 2003, the company was renamed IPP Worldwide and initiated a branding as IPPWORLD. Part of its restructuring strategy was to have greater focus on Internet development applications, which also made the company one of the earliest pioneers in Singapore in the field of translating and managing multilingual online contents.

East-Asian Language Translation Team

In 2004, its Shanghai operations were successfully established as a wholly-owned foreign enterprise granted with special license as a translation, publishing and printing company. The inclusion of Shanghai strengthens IPPWORLD with highly talented teams of East Asian language project managers, copywriters, IT specialists, desktop publishing artist and web content administrators. Over the years, IPPWORLD continued to reengineer its business with enhanced capabilities as a multilingual content translation and project management specialist and expanded into a global operation that delivers in a range of multiple language combinations, content development and software applications.

Global Content Translation Provider

As cultural differences and local practices from country to country will never be the same, IPPWORLD believes that success in this field is truly achieved only when respective target communities are able to interact comfortably with the information translated. With diversified capabilities in the use of Global Content Management Systems and CMS Plug-in tools, its vision as a multilingual translation, publishing and media content provider is further realized.

We aim to be a part of our client's global enablement strategies by offering best-of-class vendor-services and relationships, in the development of localized contents in multiple languages, that are highly consistent with client's branding strategy, tone-of-voice, target market perspectives and at the best value money can buy.

Specializing in a focused range of expertise to create results-driven content translation services through knowledge on In-country Research, Localization, Business, IT, Media and Distribution Logistics.

A network of wholly-owned business units and development centers, as well as associated linguistic and publishing professionals around the world.


Serving clients from multinational firms, government institutions, private and public-listed companies, to intermediaries in public relations, advertising and consulting.


At IPPWORLD, we know that human talents are our most important assets to ensure delivery excellence. We know that in any field of work, the team's cohesiveness and having the right expertise are critical in meeting our client's objectives, beyond expectations.

IPPWORLD's obligation as a fair employer has earned itself the TAFEP Award for its outstanding ‘Fair & Responsible’ employment practices. Its longstanding relationship and excellent reputation with location-based resources enjoy priorities, allowing assignments to be initiated and processed even at very short notice.

Today, IPPWORLD is privileged to work with best-of-class talents of various background and skills, such as commerce or education, written or oral, creative or technical, as well as online or offline content practitioners.